Changing the appearance and user authentication

I installed owncloud 10.0.8 on centos 7 and everything went well. Since I needed user authentication via Active Directory I installed “LDAP Integration” from the market and suddenly the background and the name change to “Custom Cloud”. Now despite changing the background file and some change in “/lib/private/legacy/defaults.php” file nothing changes.

What should I do to apply my changes and what is “Custom Cloud”?
Is it correct to use “LDAP Integration” app for user authentication via Active Directory ?


Custom Cloud is the example of a custom theme.

Can you check your apps under admin-settings-apps if you have an app enabled that has the name “theme-example”?

This app allows you to set an Active Directory, so Users that are in your Active Directory can login in to ownCloud with they Active Directory credentials and use ownCloud.