Changing the logo-icon.svg in the header

Hi There,

i need to change the logo in the header…when i am logged in.

there is a logo icon 170px x 62 px but i can’t find where i can change it.

i see only the css class logo-claim. should i change this im my theme in the getLogoClaim function?

Hi helge,

This one is best done by creating and deploying a theme. By placing your logo’s, background image etc. into the theme, it’s much easier to handle future upgrades.


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Since you are already using your custom theme it is sufficent to put your logo in yourtheme/core/img/logo-icon.svg in your theme app.

You might want to adapt the rule #header .logo-icon in the css at yourtheme/core/css/header.css when your image size is different.

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