Changing the password under "App passwords / tokens"

I have installed the 2 factor authentication app and activated it for some users.
It works well.
To use webdav I must generate a new token under " App passwords / tokens" for the user.

The owncloud docu says the password/token can be changed:

But it seems, that it is not possible to change the passord/token.
So only the from system generated token can be used.
Am I missing something. Changing the password would be very helpfull, as I need the 2 factor authentication only for the browser. Whith the possibility of changing the password/token , the user would be able to set his user password again for webdav even with 2 factor authentication enabled

My ownlcoud server version is:

Thanks for the answers in advance.

Read again:

Once the password / token is created, it cannot be changed; it can only be deleted.

Just delete the old token and generate a new one with the same name.


thanks for your answer:
but the text says:
You can change both of these, if so desired. When you’re happy with the username and password, click the done button.

So it implies, that username and password can be changed bevor I create it.
So changing the autogenerated password/token into a custom password. And click “done” after that.
Then it cannot be changed, that is ok for me. But I want to change it before I click on “done”.So my goal is to remove the autogenerated password in the “password/token” field and enter a custom password. Then click on “done” and generated it. But the “password/token” files is locked, so you cannot enter something else into this field

@owncloud_fan You are right, this differs from the documentation. The generated passcode cannot be edited. Might be a bug, or just unmatched documentation.


I found an ugly workaround, using the web browser debugger you can select the field and double click on “readonly” attribute, then remove it. This will allow changing the password, which is used as input for setting up the password.

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