Checksum does not match

Hallo everyone,

I am facing the following problem.

09.05.2018 12:55:12,Patch/2018/2018.05.16/Document.docx, ownCloud,Server hat "400 Bad Request" auf "PUT" geantwortet (The computed checksum does not match the one received from the client.)(Übersprungen aufgrund des früheren Fehler,s erneuter Versuch in 14 Sekunden)

The error only appeared on terminalserver. Strange is that web- and clientupload fails. When i use the DC(Windows Server 2016) or a Windows 10 Client everything works fine.

Error webupload: expercted filesize 11672 got 0

Server configuration

Operating system: Windows 2016 Standard Terminalserver

ownCloud version: V.2.4.1 (build 9270)

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: fresh install

Does anyone have an idea? I have already checked the antivirus porgramm (F-Secure Server Security) and deactivated it temporarily. No success.

I believe Firewall has nothing to do with this error.

Have you found any permanent solution for this?

My suggestion:

If you have only a few documents…changing a parameter of the file might trigger a successful sync. (Tested and works in my enviornment)

Otherweise, if there are hundreds , I have not found anything. Weird is that there are no errors on the server itself.

Is there a way to disable the checksum tests?

Hey, i did the following search and found the following FAQ: Expected filesize xxx got yyy/0

There seems to be also a entry about checksums in changelog of the upcoming ownCloud Server 10.0.9 RC2 release:

Fix checksum computation to not apply on read-write streams to avoid potential mismatch results - #31619

I posponed this update of the server … there is only one client with this problem… the oders work as expected… will have to wait for a new release of the windows client.

Installed the same version, same instalation steps for other client, works woderfully … it is driving me crazy … must be something from the windows client or the Client OS …