Checksum problem when using 2.3.2 linux client


I have problem with downloading two files using desktop client. Client restarts downloading again and again and after finishing in tab "not synced" I have information

"25.05.2017 10:23:28, wymiana/VID_20170207_170412.mp4, ownCloud,The downloaded file does not match the checksum, it will be resumed."

There are two files of size about 100MB and 800MB, so it is a bit annoying. On other clients I have no problem. Is there a possibility to force client not to delete those files after downloading so I can check checksums manually using just md5sum command? I'd like to dig a bit end prepare bug report after that.

What's more, I have no problem with those files on other machines. On the affected machine I have no problem with other files.
Affected machine is Debian 8.0 installed in VirtualBox hosted in Win 8.1.


@mirek If you look at the issue template, it shows how to create a log file that displays the hash. :slight_smile: if you don't want to post your log file, you can have a look there.

It would also be important to know your exact client (package) and server versions

Hi Guruz,

I face the same issue, many of our files does not sync on the clients software in our local folder. As well as Linux client 2.32, 2.4, on windows or on mac too.

Many many files (1560) are not sync, and the same message is shown in the client unsync log.

The server in on linux, version 10.0.2

Need help.


@dbigand : still no solution for this ? have you tried to modify the PHP configurations . (php.ini) ?

on the server try sudo -u www-data /var/www/owncloud/occ files:checksums:verify