Choice of protocol for external storage

Dear all,

We currently use ownCloud on a remote dedicated server, to keep our data in a different physical place in case the office burns (which actually happened two months ago, zero data loss, phew).
However there still is the question of security, because dedicated hosting admins could in theory access the data. Plus sometimes, the internet connection is down/poor.

So I am thinking in having the owncloud server at office, and convert the remote dedicated server to an encrypted external storage.

1) In this case, is the data mirrored on the local owncloud server, so that when the internet connection is down, we can still use the local server to sync, and he will update the remote one as soon as the internet connection is back?

2) What happens if the local server is destroyed, can I re-mount the remote storage on a new server or is the key lost? (In other words, is there any simple way to save the key and use it later?)

3) What is the best protocol for this? I can basically install any linux server on the dedicated remote server.


would recommend to just use an encrypted linux file system in this case ... key is the password you have to enter when you reboot ...


Maybe I wasn't clear, but I want to make an encrypted external storage for my local owncloud, with encryption performed on the local owncloud server (the remote storage being unsecure).

For instance, I know that owncloud server may do that with a google drive account. Here I do not want to use a third party cloud service, but my own dedicated linux server, which is in a rather safe place (in terms of fire, flood...) but not in a secure one (in terms of privacy).

Is there a way, in case my local owncloud server fails, to build a new one and recover the data from the remote server?