Chrome Password Manager causing issue with Share fields

When Chrome detects a set of login fields for a site that it has credentials for, it highlights the fields, clears the contents, and inserts whatever credentials it has saved. This behavior (perhaps due to a Chrome update) is causing issues for any user whose Chrome browser stores a password for Owncloud.

It seems that Chrome thinks the "share with" and "password protect" fields in the link sharing panel are login fields, and it fights with Owncloud to fill them in. It autocompletes the "share with" field with the user's username, and the "password protect" field repeatedly blinks yellow (yellow, of course, to signify a login field that Chrome recognizes) as Chrome fills a password in, and Owncloud replaces it with the placeholder asterisks, over and over again.

Is this a known issue, and is there any way to prevent this that doesn't involve refusing to let Chrome store a password for our Owncloud site?

We are on v9.1.8. Thanks!

Maybe you can check this on a recent version 10.0.7 of ownCloud available at to see if it worth to upgrade the end of life version 9.1.8 to that newer version?