Clarification regarding files_antivirus settings


Thanks for the great app for virus scanning of files: files_antivirus
It was a very good idea to implement.
I would like to get a clarification regarding settings for this app and how it interacts with clamav.

Settings that i would like to clarify:

  • av_max_file_size - If i got it right this value should tell the app from 0 bytes up to what size the app should pass files to clamav for virus scan? Meaning: Any file bigger than the value set in this attribute is not scanned for viruses but it is transparently allowed to be stored right?
  • av_scan_background - Is this value indicating that from time to time files_antivirus calls for clamav to do background scan of all the files in the owncloud data directory? If so how is the time interval between these background scans determined?

Thank you on any info you can provide.

Hello Andrej,

have you checked out our documentation on this?

av_max_file_size is explained as:
The maximum file size limit;

So it means if you enter for example 1000 (bytes) then files will be scanned that are from 0 to 1000 bytes. -1 means that there is no limit.

av_scan_background is the setting for the background / cron job for scanning files.

The scan interval should be the same as how often you run your occ system:cron

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Hello Dmitry

Thank you for the info.
Actually i did checked your documentation but it was very brief concerning these parameters.

I am debugging a very intermittent issue where sometimes i find my owncloud storage server completely saturated with hundreds of clamscan processes and it runs out of RAM and SWAP space.
I have a suspicion that this is caused by owncloud background cron job antivirus scans which i had previously enabled by default value and i had no limit to file size scan. I have very many files stored there.

In any case i had disabled these scans and set a filesize limit. If this would not help, i would raise a separate topic with detail issue description.
And once again thank you for this great antivirus integration functionality.

Thank you for your help!

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