Clean install Owncloud - remove first

I want do do a clean install of the newest owncloud version, so I want to completely remove the old one (9.1.4) first. I am running owncloud in a hosted environment (strato), so I can access the owncloud folder via ssh or ftp, but I can not run any sudo linux commands. My question is:

Can I just (after backing up contacts and calender - the only features I use) delete the owncloud folder and the database, and then copy the new owncloud files onto the webspace again? Or are there much more repositories/dependencies that must be taken care of if I want to remove the old version cleanly?

Dear mkalle,
Here is a link where your question seems to be already answered How to Backup owncloud?. This is another link which talks about the new version. I hope I have answered your question. Let me know if it was useful and helpful.

Sorry, but this doesn’t help me. I do not want to do a backup, just wanted to know if I can just delete everything, and copy a new owncloud package to the server, without any faults or corruptions

IIRC you have to upgrade to the latest 9.x first, before upgrading to 10. This is 9.1.8, then you can jump to 10.0.9.

I do NOT want to update. i want to completetly remove everything, and then install the newest version. Seems to me to be the easiest option!

Yes, but…

You want to keep the contents, right?
How did you backup?

I just download the.ics (calendar) and .vcf (contacts) files, and after installing owncloud 10 import them back in.

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Well done. This is also my favorite method.

Just to follow up, is your issue resolved or are you still looking for a way to completely remove ownCloud and install it new?

Still searching for an answer. Can I just delete everything, and copy the new version?

In theory - yes.

How did you install ownCloud? Repositories or Tar Ball?

I would make a backup in any case. DB backup and Data + Config Backup.

The link above should help you figuring stuff out.

I copied the “setup-owncloud.php” file into a “owncloud” directory and executed the setup by accessing that link in the browser. I don’t know how that method is called. It was quite uncomplicated.

So backups and everything aside, can I just delete owncloud 9.x, and ist database, and have a clean install by just creating a new database and copying the new owncloud 10 folder onto my server?

Officially, this is out of service, retired, unsupported…

I know that this installation method is no longer available, I was just answering dmitrys question on how I installed version 9.1.4.

OK, I see.

This is the way I did it. Never had trouble in the past. BTW, the database was created by the setup, you don’t have to do that…

But first off, be sure you hosting meets oc10 requirements. But coming from 9,x should be no problem.

And, in case you didn’t have done this yet, do a search with the word “strato”, and skim over the posts found. Just as warmup. :wink:

I have read some of the posts concerning installation on strato.
Also, I actually have to “feed” an already existing database with name, database-server and password to the installation process, a database which I have to create first within my strato hosting account. It does not create one by itself in this case.

You are right, have confused something. I also had to create the db first.