Client 2.7.6: problems on opensuse tumbleweed

I am trying to install the 2.7.6 client on a tumbleweed installation. Two issues:

a) only has a repo for leap 15.2 but not tumpleweed
b) if I use the 15.2 repo for installation of the download client instead, I get dependency problems:

thommie@locutus:~> owncloud
owncloud: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I cant find this lib on the suse repos, see

Any ideas?

Thx, Thommie

No TW packages from ownCloud. Should be available in Tumbleweed downstream.
(see comment 2.7.1: no repo for tumbleweed, dependency issues)

/cc @dragotin FYI


ah, I forgot that, thanks for the link.

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