Client can not connect to server

New install of Linux Mint 18 with all updates and ownCloud Desktop-Client 2.2.3.

When I enter the Server Address immediately (despite slow connection) error "Failed to connect to Ownclout at https://....... /status.php. Host ssl account not found"

It is not a problem with the remote server as I am able to connect via Browser and another computer running a older version of ownCloud-Desktop-Client through the same router.

In another post a user suspected a time-out but solved the problem by discovering a DNS-problem. I asked my provider to check my DNS-settings but they are correct.

Must be eighter the client or LM18. Any advice?

Can you open owncloud in your browser?
Check your SSL configuration:
Are there any log entries on server side?
Do you use Firewalls? If yes, please check their logfiles if they block connections.

Thanks for the suggestions.
- Yes can connect via browser
-, Used their testing procedure and got a A-Rating
- have no access to server logs at the moment
- no Firewalls. Clean new install of Linux Mint 18 and ownCloud desktop client 2.2.3
- older ownCloud desktop client on my other laptop with LM 17.3 connects

But I experience some teething problems with LM 18 which gradually disappear. Maybe time will tell

If an older version of the oc-client and LM can sync, your server setup is not to blame. What would be great, if you could find out if e.g. LM 18 + OC-client 2.2.2 (or other version) works and 2.2.3 doesn't.

Well, I upgraded my older laptop to LM 18 today and to take your request into consideration installed ownCloud 2.1.1 from the repositories. Working!

if the new client breaks something, report it directly to the bugtracker