Client Desktop password config

Hello everyone,

I wonder if there is any way to set a password, to access the settings of the desktop backup client; For the default user do not change the settings;

Thank you!

I think this is currently not possible and IMHO also not really useful. The user is the “owner” of his onwCloud account, responsible for the settings.
OK, maybe I miss something, as I don’t know your use-case in detail.

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I understand;
In my scenario it is necessary to use passwords to access the configurations, because the backup clients are configured exclusively by the personnel of the technical area of the company;
My bosses do not want to be guilty, in case some users go on the client-desktop, and remove some folder of synchronization, folder that are already defined by the company, that we should perform the backup; because they are 223 computers;

But it would be something simple, a password per computer to edit the client’s settings, would already help us, and could even be defined on the client-desktop itself.

I understand, in case of backup. But ownCloud syncing is is not considered a backup solution.

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Instead you can remove the “delete” permission from the share, so the people who the folder is shared with aren’t allowed to delete it. This might solve your problem.

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Do not use as backup solution;
Use only to synchronize backup files that are generated by another system;

Yes and no; kk
Basically I do not want the user to change the Desktop Synchronizer settings;

In the permissions of OwnCloud, I already managed to leave a perfect way, here for our realities;

The only “solution” found was to try to find a tool with support for sending to WebDAV, with interface protection (similar to the cobian backup)