Client for synology NAS



Hi All,
is there a guito on how to install owncloud client on a synology NAS ?




ownCloud provides the sync client for the following listed operating systems:

If your NAS is not running on any of this operating systems you might want to contact a community dedicated to your NAS and ask them for support how to install the sync client on their system.


Are you sure you want to run the client there and not the server?


I would prefere to install a client. If this is not possible i may install a server.
Is it possible to install a server ?



I think it might help to clarify what you actually want to achieve.


I have a webserver with owncloud already installed. I want to backup some folders of this server on a nas ds414, so i wish to install owncloud client on the nas.



using the sync client is no backup for the reasons explained here:

To backup your files from the server to the NAS you can use either a command line WebDAV client "cadaver" or directly rsync via SSH without accessing the files via ownCloud.


Sorry, i used a wrong terminology. I do not want to make backups, i want to keep sync folders


Ok, then you can follow this suggestion: