Client MacOS download multiplies files in zip, not tar?

Does it possible to change tar to zip when download multiple files in desktop client for mac?

Oncloud version
CentOS Linux release 7.7.1908 (Core)

You mean conversion during download? This is not the idea. Desktop sync client should not modify files.


no, I mean add or return in side code function download in mac client files in zip

Hm, I don’t get it. What is the real world problem you’re trying to solve? Could you elaborate on your use case?

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When user click download archive will be *.tar. I need archive in zip like in Windows
Is it possible to download only zip on any platform?

I have the same problem. (MacOS - tar )
Can it be disabled to prevent compression zip and tar?

@all I do not get the point. From what I know in MacOS you can open tar archives with double click on the file or by command line. So what is the actual issue with tar files?

I remember there were bugs with MacOS and zip files some time ago, so for MacOS User agents tar is offered.

If it is really vital to have the files downloaded as zip you might patch and set the variable $preferTarFor to an empty array. However, I’m not sure if all MacOS users then can open the zip without issue.

@poilkj I guess what you are looking for is clicking the three dots on the right side of a file name and click ‘Download’


Hi @cortho!

Sorry for the late reply, the suggestion ( $preferTarFor to an empty array) was perfect.
Thanks again!

Best regard, Steve

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