Client - not creating Sync Folder

Hey all,

the OwnCloud Desktop client keeps bugging me with the following problem.
In our enterprise environment we use roaming profiles and the owncloud desktop client version 5.2.

When an end user is adding a local Sync folder via the Desktop Client Connection Wizard, the folder is getting created in the process, the files are getting pulled from the OC-Server and the connection string is getting saved to the Roaming profile “owncloud.cfg”

Up to here, everything is fine.

Now the Problem starts, when the User is switching Pc’s and is logging on to a different device.
He starts like always the owncloud desktop client, the config from Appdata-roaming is loaded, and all connections are correctly configured. The only issues are, that the local sync folder (owncloud) isn’t available on this pc and is not getting created automatically.
The Desktop Client gives out the following error: “local sync folder missing”

The only way to fix this issues now, is to either add the folder manually or add a new connection.

With owncloud desktop v2.5 the folder default name was “Owncloud” so we could add it via GPO, but now the Folder is called smt like “ownCloud - username - emailadress” so it’s impossible to fix like this.

Any Ideas?

ownCloud Server Version: 10.13.3
ownCloud Desktop Version: 5.2.0
Operating System: Win10

Steps to reproduce

  1. configure local Sync connection
  2. close owncloud App
  3. delete local sync folder
  4. start desktop app
  5. error: folder missing and new folder isn’t created.

Open issue in repo to discuss with development team?

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