Client-server sync difference between Mac & Windows desktop clients

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We are using Owncloud Server version 9.1.8, installed on a ubuntu server 14.04, and desktop client version 2.4.3, for MacOs and Windows.

We recently had a problem with our production server, and I had to put a backup server (copy of the owncloud production server) on operation in replacement, but this backup was made a month ago, so it has the information of all users until the date we made the copy of the server (we had an “information missed gap” of a month). The actual information of every client was located only on the local folders synchronized with the original server, so we tried to “resynchronize” all the clients with the backup server, hoping for the desktop client to write the information on the server. All went wrong with mac users, because on the resynchronization process, those clients “downloaded” the information from server, loosing all the changes of the last month. However, windows users were able to write the recent info on the server thru desktop client, and they even had the capacity to keep both versions of documents on local folder, I mean, if the client had a document that changed in the last month, desktop client download the old version, and mark the actual version as a “conflict” document, but keep the needed information.

So… I would like to understand why both desktop client versions operates in different way, in order to know how to recover from another similar failure event.

What should I do if want that the desktop client writes the local information on server, on a resynchronization event like the one we had?

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maybe the following command could have helped you to avoid this situation:

Run maintenance:data-fingerprint to tell desktop and mobile clients that a server backup has been restored. This command changes the ETag for all files in the communication with sync clients, informing them that one or more files were modified. After the command completes, users will be prompted to resolve any conflicts between newer and older file versions.

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Hi Tom, thanks for your reply.
I ran a test with a copy from the new production server. I made that copy this monday, and today, after synchronize different files over the week, I shutdown the production server and powered on the “new” one. This backup server has a few less files than the production server, (and than my local owncloud folder). So, I ran the command sudo -u www-data php occ maintenance:data-fingerprint, and resynchronized my desktop client… after it finished, I realized that I’ve lost the files created after monday, I mean, Server actualized client, deleting the files that “backup” server doesn’t had. Thats exactly what happened on our failure event. I think that maybe, the command would work if I use a “blank” server, as backup… but that would force a complete resynchronization… what do you think?
Thanks for your kind help, best regards

Unfortunately i cannot tell you as i don’t have more information / knowledge about this command then provided the referenced link / documentation.