Client Setup language error for latest version

Expected behaviour

Language should be in English or let me select

Actual behaviour

Setup of client starts in an unknown language


Steps to reproduce

  1. Just start setup

Client configuration

Client version:

Operating system:
Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
OS language:

Is this the installer you used?

There’s a EN-only installer:

@lazawan could you perform a quick test?

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Yes this the version i downloaded from the page that was prompted by the application clicking the button “Get the update”

The en-US msi worked fine !!
Thanks for your immediate reply :smile:

i have downloaded client 2.5.1 from and
and it looks fine for me " there is no problem ".

left one is from
right one is from

i don’t see any problem

Hi lazawan, the download that was prompted to me by the application was from since the last notification of update the setup screens i was receiving where of the unknown language i send.

The problem no longer exists as i tried downloading again and tested the installation.

Thanks for your assistance !!

@Avitoul no problem , you are welcome :grinning: