Client - shouldn't it show the folders for sync selection?

I’m having a problem with the sync client running on a mac. On the initial dialog screen where it would normally, I think, have a list of all the folders, I have only the Owncloud cloud with a green check, a message it is synchronizing with the local folder owncloud2, a blue bar with Virtual File support is enabled, and then ‘add folder sync connection’. All my folders are syncing but I thought there was a list of folders with a checkmark box where I can select what to sync, no?

I can open the folders in finder (mac) and that looks ok.

Or do I have to have other folders on this mac (one of many) to sync before I would have the folders listed?



In experimental VFS mode, this selection isn’t available. Why do you want to exclude files in VFS mode. They don’t consume your local storage.

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Great point on the storage utilization and excluding files. Makes sense.