Client start fails immediately with Segmantation Fault

As of late last week, the Linux Client 2.4.2 has started throwing a SegFault on startup (when starting on the command line). Previously, I had noticed issues with automatic startup, but it had been starting manually. Previously running for years.

Seeing an error on /usr/share/applications/owncloud.desktop in the journal, … it appears to be looking for owncloud.desktop;5a0b469d - might that be related?

OpenSuSE 42.3, x86-65
OwnCloud Client 2.4.2


if i’m getting segmentation faults of a software i’m mostly reporting those to the bugtracker of that software rather then to a user support forums.

Cannot confirm that it is actually a Bug, as the same client runs on other machines just fine. Just looking for a way to isolate the problem - tried a clean install today (after deleting the config in ~/.local/owncloud), but same problem.

If you think that is the best place to post, however, I can.



if you’re familiar with developing you might be able to use e.g. strace, gdb and similar debugging tools to look for a way to isolate the problem.


maybe you can give some backgrounds why you think that “devs gives a shit as they have no fuckin clue what causes it.”?

@tom42 Simply because this bug has been submitted long time ago (2+ years) and to this day there has been no fix provided. Thats why

Quit whining and do your homework - grab a 2.5 version. Seems like the Devs have DONE THEIR WORK!!

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i don’t think that is a reasonable explanation for your statement. If you do some research on the topic “Segmentation fault” then you might find the information that this is just a generic error which can tons of different reasons why those are happening.

Even i have limited experience on this topic i highly doubt that a “Segmentation fault” happened two years ago has the same reason / is the same problem / issue like today. You can even get segmentation faults if the memory of your PC is damages or if there is an issue on your operating system itself.

Just blaming the devs about something which probably not even has any justification doesn’t help anyone. :confused:

I have just installed OwnCloud Client 2.4.2 on OpenSUSE Leap 15, and I get a segmentation fault every time it starts.

Nov 19 19:36:40 kernel: owncloud[4737]: segfault at 0 ip 0000559f61a0f97e sp 00007ffcbe5ca8f0 error 4 in owncloud[559f6190a000+263000]

Any ideas on how to isolate this?




i think the one below is still valid: