Client stores lots of data hidden in the system

Hi all,

I have this problem with the owncloud android client:

On my owncloud server I have multiple TB of shared data, few synchronized PCs and I’m sharing data with my coworkers. Additionally I also synchronize my phone to the server.

On my phone instead, I have an Owncloud client that gives me access and shared link management to all of the mentioned data.

The problem is, anytime I access any file via the owncloud client, the file stays saved somewhere in the android system and I cannot get rid of it. It’s 9 GB of trash data already. Any idea on how to delete these files without deleting entire app, or even better prevent owncloud from hoarding hidden data / store data in some easy to access folder?

Android 11 RKQ1. 200826.002
Xiaomi Mi9T / Redmi K20
MIUI global 12.1.4 stock

Owncloud client 2.21.1

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