Client Sync extremely slow for many (small) files


The sync for many small files with the latest stable version of Owncloud is extremely slow.
When restarting the application after some sync progress then it is stuck with “looking for changes” for hours.

Are there any fixes or alternatives to this behaviour?

Expected behaviour

Change detection and handling of many files should be fast

Actual behaviour

Change detection blocks syncing for hours, after that the actual sync process is slow

Steps to reproduce

  1. Start sync with a folder that contains many small files, e.g. some code repository folder

Server configuration

Operating system: Linux, I guess

Web server: NextCloud


PHP version:

ownCloud version: not sure - using offical NextCloud of Hetzner (

Storage backend (external storage): NextCloud

Client configuration

Client version: Latest

Operating system: Win 10

OS language: English

Installation path of client: standard


Not applicable

Hi there,

You state that you are using NextCloud, which forked away from ownCloud some years ago. I recommend asking your question in the NextCloud forum.

Also, are you a user or server administrator? As your post is lacking in a lot of requested detail (also showing uncertainty over operating system???)

Hi, uncertainty over operating system only in so far that as stated I am not hosting it myself, I am using the solution provided by

What other kind of requested detail is lacking?
I am aware of the fact that NextCloud forked away, that’s why I downloaded the ownCloud Client too after experiencing the problem with NextCloud client and it is exactly the same.

This isn’t a supported ownCloud server instance. Did you test with a supported instance? I also have no idea about their setup…

Did you start syncing with many small files on the server, or many small files in your local directory? (steps to reproduce?)

Here you can find ownCloud hosting providers:

The same happens here. On Friday morning, I updated two text files on my work computer. Now, it is Sunday and it still stuck at “Checking changes in remote directory…4 days remaining” and the files has not been uploaded on the server yet.

Server: ownCloud 10.1.0 (stable)
Client: ownCloud 2.10.0 (build 6519) 168639 Jan 17 2022 04:09:56