Close all enhancement issues in Github and ask people to reopen them in here?



Generally speaking enhancement tickets in Github are annoying:
- keep the bug count high
- totally unmaintained
- some are open for years - this will unlikly change

I propose to close all enhancement tickets by Script which adds a comment telling participants to reopen the feature request in here.

  • I like it!
  • Hell! No!


Show user quota in admin user section

Yes, that would be an idea.

Would also be good to move this discussion to central:
It's the one about platform planning, but we might lose the votes.


Would like to consider this during the fall. With Zenhub there is a decent product management tool available inside github. We are using that already for Android and iOS clients. However discussions can happen on central, but implementation, backlog etc. will need to stay on github, at least for now or till we have a good handle on whats needed.


For sure as soon as an enhancement or feature is in a state where we can start any kind of planing a corresponding ticket will be created on GitHub holding the explicit description on what has to be done.

Any upfront discussion is better handled in here from my pov.


What I like in github is that you now can vote for an issue (in here you can like it). Is there a way to sort these enhancement by the number of :thumbsup: or :heart:? Could we do it in here?

One upside of central: Any sort of ideas can be posted here, if it is for a new app, for the client or for core. E.g. with calDAV moving into core it is not always obvious if the feature request has to be made in core or the calendar app.


exactly my point! A feature being discussed in here can result in required changes in many components.
E.g. tagging is not a server only feature - we should have discussed about the clients impact of this as well.

Features are for the whole ownCloud platform - missusing the core repo was a bad idea!


Not sure about it. In the android repo some enhancements have long discussions detailing the topic. If we just close them and redirect here, we'll lose track of useful information.


Anything which is closed can be reopened. Nothing will be lost.


Yes, but it needs to be found first, then reopened. My point is, if the script just closes and ask participants to reopen here, we'll have to trust on them to keep a link to Github. Would be possible automate the creation of the new topic here also, including the link for backtracking?


I'm mainly talking about these over 600 enhancements requests in the core repo:

There is a hell of ideas which might never get implemented and are basically rotting around and pollute the tracker.

My proposal is to close them all and by doing this give them some attraction which might result in some activity.


If you're writing a script to close then surely you can use the same script to create a new topic here with a link back to the Github issue.

If you wanted to get really flash then it could parse the Github issue, extract the chain of comments and post them all against the new thread here.

That way, you enforce connection to any previous information and there's no need for users to do anything at all.


Something to consider - yes ...
.... but to be honest more then half of the enhancement issues are wild ieads which did popup once.

My intention is to clean up the mess and get some focus back into the project.


Fair enough :slight_smile:


The main issue i see is that it will be the same in here. And central is even worse in tracking the status of a feature request and the closing of it (via e.g. Pull Request) once it is implemented.


The idea is move here the proposals and initial discussion about features, and leave Github for tracking progress of them once they are really planned -> in progress -> done.

People both with and without development skills like to discuss both OC could do next, and seems sound keep them all together in the same place (central).

Makes sense?


Sounds good :slight_smile: