[Closed] Can't download apps contact and calendar compatible with OC 8.0


I have updated from OwnCloud 7.0.4 to OwnCloud 8.0.16, en route to the latest version.
But I'm not able to download and activate contact and calendar apps for this version.

How am I suppose to update if im not able to download? Any mirror site to get old tar.gz ?

I want to be sure that datas will be correctly migrated from 7.0 before upgrading to later version.

Thank you all.

What is the current server version you are on?

I currently have OwnCloud 8.0.16

ownCloud 8 is end-of-life since October 2016 - https://github.com/owncloud/core/wiki/Maintenance-and-Release-Schedule

Please upgrade - as soon as you are on ownCloud 10 the most recent apps are available via the market app/marketplace.

Thanks for your response. That's exactly what I'm trying. But there's no more way to activate contact and calendar apps for this version. So I can't validate that's everything is ok before upgrading to the next version.
I already dismissed this validation and nom I'm stuck with 8.1 as there is no package available online.
This thread could be close.

I already addressed this to our package maintainers - hopefully this can be restored ...

I am in the same situation : after a owncloud 8.1 server crash, all I have left is a SQL database backup full of calendar events I need to recover. I guess I cannot just import the calendar tables in a newer owncloud version db so I need to reinstall the calendar app in a fresh 8.1 install. The app repository is not available anymore...

the repositories have been restored - please let me know if there is still something missing - THX