[cloud server/client ] synchronize folder to owncloud on cloud server (linux)

Hi everyone, it is my first time to use owncloud and I have the following situation:

  1. I install an owncloud server (10.13) in my cloud server (linux), it works.
  2. I delpoy a laravel app in the same cloud server, it works.
  3. The laravel app will save images in a [public] folder periodically, it works.

Next step:
4. I would like to synchronize that “[public] folder” to owncloud (to admin or one of the account) , so that when I login the account via web, I can look at those images and download them.

Step 4 is where I stop:

  1. I do these on a cloud server, owncloud client GUI maybe not a good choice?
  2. Command Line Client does not repeat synchronizations and does not monitor for file system changes, but i wish to do the sync continously. (Some experts introduce cron job)
  3. I also found some tools like dav, but seems it is not the right track.

Because it is my first time to do the above things and use owncloud, I might miss some key tools and process, or even using a wrong method.

It will be great if I can get some new ideas or information.

Thank you.

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