Code integrity check errors


Good morning guys, when I connect to my owncloud I receive this error message … spulcinado between the documentazone I read that you can give these commands for verification:

    /var/www/owncloud# sudo -u www-data php occ integrity:check-core
  • core:
      • .htaccess:
        • expected: c00197d1a4d7a1db5bf43849acd10d2d7813705463ba02fe540b5d05328dcf078456e55dcd0450bb884a85bf25c66a596cdcf9108d26ba44d2287a35de26d72b
        • current: 9ae26b7e82553d870f1ff779bb675d25f82cfb742445acc05b0c6bf71fbe78e63a1f2361243e8834b77b157e4d130ce77a325c58abae5ca838d189e35de0fb70
      • .user.ini:
        • expected: 0a557e3cdca4c2e3675deed761d79d109011dcdebbd9c7f6429f1d3476938ec95729543d7384651d1d0c48e26c5024cc5f517445920915a704ea748bdb903c5f
        • current: 97993944ece5151666d3073612c6e3a1cb5dc0e3e287adf947cdbcfd0ac53ebb7ef679e238a732295f96e42f7968558e407aea325922829c82530167fecf791e



E sudo -u www-data php occ integrity:check-app $appid

    • class: Exception
    • message: App not found

If I ask the list of invalid files instead:

Technical information

The following list covers which files have failed the integrity check. Please read
the previous linked documentation to learn more about the errors and how to fix


  • core
      • .htaccess
      • .user.ini

Raw output

[core] => Array
[.htaccess] => Array
[expected] => c00197d1a4d7a1db5bf43849acd10d2d7813705463ba02fe540b5d05328dcf078456e55dcd0450bb884a85bf25c66a596cdcf9108d26ba44d2287a35de26d72b
[current] => 9ae26b7e82553d870f1ff779bb675d25f82cfb742445acc05b0c6bf71fbe78e63a1f2361243e8834b77b157e4d130ce77a325c58abae5ca838d189e35de0fb70

                [.user.ini] => Array
                        [expected] => 0a557e3cdca4c2e3675deed761d79d109011dcdebbd9c7f6429f1d3476938ec95729543d7384651d1d0c48e26c5024cc5f517445920915a704ea748bdb903c5f
                        [current] => 97993944ece5151666d3073612c6e3a1cb5dc0e3e287adf947cdbcfd0ac53ebb7ef679e238a732295f96e42f7968558e407aea325922829c82530167fecf791e




Owncloud 10.0.10 errors on integrity check

And what exactly is you question now?


How can I resolve this error? since I continue to find the message even after giving these commands


These command just locate the problem, but they don’t fix them.

The message says, that the files .htaccess an user.ini are modified. To get rid of the message, restore the files to their initial content.