Collabora Online


Hi guys

I’m sorry if this has already been posted in the past and there is an answer in the forum. I am new to owncloud - fabulous service by the way.

I am getting this error when I try to open a file directly from within my owncloud. I am access owncloud via the weblink as opposed to the desktop app.

Any guidance appreciated


Collabora Online: Cannot connect to the host “https://localhost:9980”. Please ask your administrator to check the Collabora Online server setting. The exact error message was: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to localhost port 9980: Connection refused


Do you have a Collabora Server installed? It is a seperate VM or Docker image, not part of ownCloud.


need some help. how to do it?


We describe this here.
The easiest way is likely the Univention Appliance which comes with both ownCloud and Collabora preinstalled …