Compatibility to PHP 7.2


can someone tell me when ownCloud will be compatible to PHP 7.2? According to the system requirements only PHP 7.1 is supported.

I'm running my server on Arch Linux and they recently upgraded all packages to 7.2.

Thank you!

For others with the same problem: The Arch developers added packages for PHP 7.1 recently. So you have to switch from the 'php' package to 'php71'.

I did the following search"php+7.2"&type=Issues and found which seems to be about adding support for PHP 7.2

Thanks, seems like I did something wrong when I searched on Github, so those issues did not show up.

No problem. Unfortunately it doesn't answer your question "when ownCloud will be compatible to PHP 7.2" so this is still unclear from the posted link.

7.2 will be part of 10.1 - later in 2018. We are working to bring it to the 10.0.x line as well.
Maybe 10.0.5 will be compatible. Let's see ....


I saw this answer to the 7.2 compatibility question, but I’m not sure how to interpret it.

OwnCloud is now up 10.0.7, and I don’t think that’s compatible yet. Do we have a time frame for this?

It is compatible now (since 10.0.5) :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that. I last tested 10.0.4, and routinely revisited to see whether there was any news. This one was released while I was on holiday, so I missed this small change.