Compatibility with PHP 7.4.x (7.4.4)


I have just patched my Ubuntu server and have automatically upgraded php to version 7.4.4.
I am still running OC 10.3.1 and I did a occ test i know that it is not compatible with this version of PHP.

command and results:

sudo -u www-data php occ security:routes

This version of ownCloud is not compatible with PHP 7.4
You are currently running PHP 7.4.4.

What i would like to know is if OC 10.4.0 ( the one that is available for download at main site), if that is compatible with php 7.4.4 or only with 7.3.x.

As my server is running on a vmware, i have taken a snapshot before patching so i can always roll back to the old version.

Thanks in advance.

PHP 7.4 support will come with ownCloud v10.5.0. You can see several PR about this topic on GitHub repo, like

Hi @karakayasemi

Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
Now I know how to plan my patch updates and hardening of the server.