Composer autoloader not found

Hi, I have uploaded the files inside core-master folder on my server. When I try to open the site, I get this error:
"Composer autoloader not found, unable to continue. Please run “make”.

Actually I have PHP version 7.4.

Someone know the solution to solve it?

Please provide more info on what you did, how you did it, what you wanted to do, what guide or web side did you use?

Hi, thank you for your answer.

I opened VPS space with plesk. I downloaded core-master folder from github, extract the files on my pc then uploaded by FTP on my space.

Nothing else.

So what is your expectation?

Hi Dmitry, i want to install the owncloud server on my private space.

I want to run my personal file hosting using owncloud, the problem is that I got this error after I downloaded and uploaded the files on my VPS (the VPS is to edit, it is not the final server)

Then you’re definitely on the wrong track. You should use the code from github only if you would like to develop with ownCloud. This code requires some additional steps to become operational. For your intent, you should download from the official site.

I’m uncertain whether I fully understand this.

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@alfredb Thank you, my problem has been solved

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