Config: external sites, importing extrnal icons

Expected behaviour

Additional *.svg icons for the menu should be selectable for external site links

Actual behaviour

  • added *.svg icons in owncloud/core/img or owncloud/apps/files/img
  • svg files are not selectable in the “External Sites” menu

Steps to reproduce

  1. add *.svg files
  2. logout, login
  3. go to “Admin coinfig, Additional, External Sites”
  4. added svg files not available

Server configuration

Operating system: linux
Web server: apache
Database: mysql
PHP version: 7.4
ownCloud version: 10.5


maybe you need to put the file into the correct folder of the external app at owncloud/apps/external/img?

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Hey Tom,
arggghhh, yep, you are right - just the wrong folder. Thanks!

Bye, Thommie

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this is great that it solves your issue as i just guessed this by looking into the folder structure of the app. I think it is strange that they don’t explain this in their documentation:

Maybe you could open an issue at so that they could improve their documentation of that app?