Config file for setting storage location , ext HD

Hi, I did look through previous post , but the links give a 404 error
Which config file is used to set the storage location,
I have a ext 1TB HD mounted on /media/hdd which I prefer to use/ OS Ubuntu22 on a Odroid N2+, headless, latest stable version of owncloud. I’ve found where the current location is from one of the demo photos`

:/var/www/owncloud/config# locate Teotihuacan.jpg

but not the config file to set the storage location

The config file is always the same for nearly all server settings and is located in config/config.php of your owncloud folder. If you followed the setup guide, this will be /var/www/owncloud/. Most available options that can be set via config.php are documented at Config.php Parameters :: ownCloud Documentation where you can also find the option to change the data directory, see Config.php Parameters :: ownCloud Documentation

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Many thanks , I will read through that

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