Config to access from both internet and local network

I have setup OC on a raspberry pi at home.
At home I can access it via https://192.168.x.y/owncloud
Outside home I can access it via https://a.b.c.d/owncloud (where a.b.c.d is the IP of my home router). However this method does not work at home (the connection times out).
In other words, using my internet address, I can connect to OC from anywhere except from my local network!

My question is: how I can configure the server to be able to access OC via the internet address even when I am at home ? (access OC with same address no matter if I am behind the same router as the server or not)
If that's not possible, then how I configure the client to get it working both at home and outside ?

This is more of a networking / router question and not so much a ownCloud question.

I would google the solution, there are many guides out there.

I thought about the same. It probably requires some network setup where the client can reach the server, no matter if its about the internal or external IP address. Maybe the use of e.g. for the external IP and setup of a local DNS server for the internal IP which also points to the DNS name might help here.

I learned that to work out of the box a router supporting "loopback" is necessary.
If yours don't support it, then the next best thing is to turn on your VPN: since the VPN hides your IP as the sending IP, the router just see a normal request from a random IP.

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