Configure a Physical Disk as a External Storage

Hi All

Need your advice to configure a Physical Disk on my Host Server with some content as an External Storage in OwnCloud. I have ZERO knowledge in Ubuntu and OwnCLoud, so depend more on the internet search for all kind of configuration.

Below is by OwnCloud setup done successfully and it’s just few days old.

Host Server: WS 2012 R2
Hyper Visor: VMWare Workstation
VM for OwnCloud:
	Ubuntu 18.04
	User: rameshrk
	OwnCloud 10.0.9
	User: Admin
	Database User: ownclouduser

NOW i am trying to configure a Physical Disk on my Host Server with some content as an External Storage in OwnCloud.

  • Attached the Physical Disk to the VM running OwnCloud
  • Verified the disk is automatically mounted and contents inside are accessible
  • Enabled External storage in OwnCloud portal
  • Ammended the Config.php of owncloud with below entry to enable the Local storage
    ‘files_external_allow_create_new_local’ => ‘true’,
  • Verified the portal now lists the Local
  • Tried to add the disk as storage but it does not get successful

Not able to understand what i am missing or doing wrong :frowning:

I have couple of 3TB USB HDDs, once the above is successful then would be trying to add these USB HDDs as external storage. And mostlikely it will follow the same steps as a Physical Disk.

Thank you in advance


i don’t think that the “/dev/sdb1” path is correct. From what i know this is a special device on linux which you can’t browse “as is”:

cd /dev/sda1
bash: cd: /dev/sda1: Not a directory

The same probably happens for ownCloud as well. Maybe it helps you to choose the correct input for the “Configuration” box when having a look at the ownCloud documentation about local storage:


Were you able to configure a physical drive to work with owncloud?
I was searching around the net but I couldn’t find much.


have you tried the suggestion above?

Yes. Problem is I don’t know what to write in the Configuration field.
The local part clearly works because if I write only / in the configuration field than i get everything in that folder.


i’m not sure if others are able to tell you what you need to write into the configuration field without knowing what you’re trying to do / knowing your environment. :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, it’s not that difficult, at least not after skimming the related docs. :wink:

Configuration field contains either the mount point, where you attached the physical drive to the filesystem or a path of a directory outside ownclouds data directory.

I might be wrong, but I have verified both variants.

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Okey. So how do I attach a physical drive to the filesystem?
My main OS is Windows 10 and I’m running the owncloud server inside virtualbox.
I made two .vdi’s on two different drives but I don’t know how to find them inside the server.


i have more thought about questions like this: :wink:

This sounds to me more like a question not related to ownCloud and more like Linux knowledge you need to gather. On Linux something like this is called “mount” or “mounting”, maybe you can find some resources with that keywords on some linux tutorials?

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Fully agree! I would suggest asking such questions in a virtualbox community.

Thanks for the advices.
I managed to get the drive listed with fdisk -l .
Than I formatted it to ext3.
Than I mounted it to /data/930GB.
I changed the permissions on that dir to 755.
I created this external storage local thing, but it doesn’t work… I get that red square thing before it.
What can I do?


you could try to check your owncloud.log if you can find any hints / errors which you could use for further research on this issue.

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