Configure transactional file locking



I have OwnCloud 10.0.3 running on my server (CentOS 7). So far, everything runs fine. I'd like to resolve the transactional file locking warning message on my admin page. I know there's an existing thread about the subject, but reading through the (otherwise clear and concise) OwnCloud documentation as well as the forum messages, one gets the impression that you have to belong to a special members club with an IQ > 200 to be able to configure file locking.

Can one of the admins please provide an explanation for mere mortals, clean and concise, on how to configure file locking? BTW, I'm running CentOS 7 with PHP 5.6 from Webtatic. (No, I won't {switch to Debian, switch to Ubuntu, switch to PHP 7}.




Do you have full admin rights to your system (you posted in the Hosting area). Only then you can install new software and normal hosting providers probably don't provide redis.

The version should be at least Version 2.2.6, perhaps you can install from EPEL-repos. I can't tell for CentOS if you need some modifications of the standard config (in debian I access redis through a socket and I needed to add the permissions of the socket to allow the webserver-user access it).


I finally managed to get everything right, and now OwnCloud is running perfectly. I updated my corresponding blog article.

Here's a new section about troubleshooting and performance:



PS: sorry about posting in the wrong section initially.