Confirmation Email on Owncloud Central not working?

For the past few days I've been trying to recover my password, or even create a new account using the email option and I just wasn't receiving any emails from the server. Checked my spambox too but nothing was there. Anyone knows if something's wrong?

Guys? Admins? Anyone?

In which oC version? Were you able to recover your password before or it is the first time you try it? Can you provide a little more info about your oC server? Thanks in advanced

Hi davitol
I was referring to the email server of Owncloud Central! I got an email eventually but I couldn't register as a new user so I used my GitHub login. I bet that this will have caused a lot of frustration amongst new users who were trying to create an account to ask something here on OcC. I think it's resolved now since I got a new post notification on June 9 (even if your reply was posted on June 7th)

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Hi djgenesis,

Thanks for reporting the error, it was fixed over the weekend :slight_smile: