Connect to caldav and more

Hallo !

I am new on owncloud.
installation was successfully and I have installed the caldav add-on.

Now I am searching for a php script, which allows me:

  • conntect to caldav server
  • create / delete / modify / get events

Is there a solution available?

There is no such thing like a caldav add-on. Do you mean the calendar app?

BTW, owncloud server IS the CalDAV-Server. Of course it’s possible to edit the calendars with a PHP script, but I strongly doubt that this is what you want. Or I completely misunderstood your post.

Maybe you should try to give more detailed information.

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yes, I mean the calendar app, sorry :confused:

I know, that owncloud IS the caldav server :slight_smile:

I would like to add / modify / delete events with a php script.
And start a query to get events

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