Connecting desktop app



Does anybody have any suggestions for why I'm not able to connect my desktop app to

It says failed to connect, host not found.

Thank you.


You can try to connect to with user/pw: test/test. If it fails you have a problem with your network connection (firewall?). If you can establish a connection to the demo-server, you should check your logfiles for more detailed information.


Thanks. I couldn't connect to either.


Do you use the current client version 2.2.4? Open the logging window with F12.

Can you open the web-interface in your browser? Do you use security products (virus scanner, firewall) on your host or network?


Yes, I can access it using the site using chrome browser.

I downloaded the client this morning so the current version. I am not sure what you mean about the logging window (f12).

I am using Windows 10 with Windows firewall and Ad-Aware Anti-virus.

I see a problem in my server logs.

[Mon Oct 03 05:58:36 2016] [crit] client denied: //owncloud/data/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable

The permissions on that file are 644

I installed an app on my phone called and it was able to connect, it's just my computer that won't do it.


I have tried the suggestions on this page but they didn't work for either my server or for

I'm hunting around the web for any clues. I've disabled my anti-virus. That didn't help either.