Connecting existing storage to OwnCloud Enterprise


I have a problem with External Windows Storage connection to OwnCloud. May be this topic is familiar with another, but I didn't find the answer yet. I have downloaded OwnCloud Enterprise virtual appliance from website. Started it and can't understand how to connect windows share to OwnCloud. I can't even find share from my OwnCloud web site. SMB package is installed. How it should be done?

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Have a look at the doc:

Thank you I looked through this doc. But I can't find settings described in this article in my OwnCloud
Do I need to install Windows App like in this document? Even if I downloaded appliance from OwnCloud site? And how can I get Windows App? Looks like I need to buy it?

If it's not already installed - you have to install it. Can you check it?

What "windows app" do you want to get?

I don't think you have to buy anything. If you are testing the enterprise version of ownCloud, you should have access to all the enterprise apps.

How can I check this? I see smb package in package list. But I can't see windows app in application list. And in list of applications which could be installed too

this one

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There are 2 "app stores" the one in your screen shot is the univention app store.

Windows network drive app should be already installed, if not you have to log in to owncloud, and go to the upper left corner and click on market, there you should find the WND app.

Sorry for questioning again, but I can't see in installed and can't find it in market
Please, see screenshot

You a in the wrong app store.

That is the Univention App Center

Log in to ownCloud and go to market there

Do you mean that I need to install OwnCloud from sources and when log in to market? I can't use unenintion virtual box?

You already have ownCloud. Just log in.

In your browser. At the top. The Address bar.

Delete everything after the IP adress and type /owncloud, then you get to owncloud. Log in to owncloud.

It should look like this "" or your appliance name ( FQDN ) / owncloud

Doesn't work
Please, see screenshot

can you give me the link from where you have downloaded the appliance?

From here
I chose OwnCloud virtual box 10.0.3

Okay, I will check it out and get back to you

Thank you I will be waiting for your reply

In the mean time, can you tell me exactly what you have done since you clicked the download link?

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I'm sitting next to dmitry and also take a look.

Can you send me a screenshot of ?


Okay, you don't have the ownCloud app installed. You would have to click on system and domain settings, log in to the UMC, go to the appstore of univetion, and install the owncloud app.

Thank you. I have installed owncloud application, but it doesn't work. Please, see screenshot.