Connection Timeout workaround



Since Version 9 of owncloud I got a new Hosting Provider and recieving error message due to the short connection timeout rate.

I read about Solutions like a custom php.ini, but it seem not to work (and yes, I linked it in the .htaccess file)
So i contacted the Hosting guys, but at (you pay what u get) they will not change the connection timeout rate.

So my idea is the following:
Can I use the virtual installtion or a raspberry pi installtion, add my apps and stuff and copy this to the hoster to avoid this timeouts. or will there be an update before the first use on the "new" Hosting space?


It depends where you get this timeout. If it is only for a few tasks such as upgrades, you could migrate your setup to a RPI, do the changes and migrate back:

If it already happens during normal usage, that doesn't make sense. You can reduce the functions of ownCloud and hope to get it working. I'd rather use a better hosting provider, a VPS or even host at home.