Connexion closed




im facing an issue with OC 9.1.1

the client installed on windows or mac, report "connexion closed" when trying sync data from OC
the sync take a crazy time for some 100Mb because of this "connexion closed" issue
i read doc, it stated that i need change the "keepAliveTime", it was at 5 i put 60, but this didn't change anything
i looked in google, and seems nobody have any solution for this

i use a dedicated server from OVH with ubuntu 14 and plesk panel, both up to date.

in logs im not able to uderstand what in there, too much error about depreciated php commands (!)
i installed latest OC and client, so i dont understand this depreciated errors

im stuck, can anyone help me please
thank you regards



OC 9.1.1

Please update to 9.1.2 first before reporting issues with outdated versions like 9.1.1.

If the issue still happens please create a new thread and make sure that you're filling out the template shown when creating a new thread. This is asking you for several info about your environment which are mandatory to help here.