Constant sync atcivity on server

On my server I encounter an unusual high number of request from the Mac Desktop client. As it seems there is a check for new files about every 30 seconds. Strangely enough the client doesn’t show all this sync activity.

All these checks are generating big log files.

When looking in older log files, it seemed to be much quieter then. Any pointer as to what could cause this and how to change this?

Mac Client: 3.0.0
Server: 10.11.0 (stable) [Debian Bullseye, bare metal]

Desktop client needs to ping the server to know if there are changes. This happens each 30 seconds. This is normal behavior.
The desktop client doesn’t show anything because there isn’t anything new to show.

For the logs, without looking at them it will be difficult to answer.
Normally, the log level should be at error or warning levels unless you need more information. If it’s set to debug level, it will show too much information.
If there are a lot of errors, you should check the cause of those errors and fix them if possible.

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