Contacts sync URL not showing



I have OwnCloud 10.0.7 installed on my root server running CentOS 7. On my workstation and on my laptop, I also have CentOS 7, and I'm using Thunderbird for mail & calendar.

I'm currently trying to synchronize OwnCloud Contacts & Calendar with Thunderbird, and I can't seem to get it right. I'm following the official documentation here:

I have SoGo Connector installed OK in Thunderbird. Now the documentation suggests to fetch the URL from the Contacts app. Apparently, in the bottom left, there is a little impeller symbol, and when I click on it, it should display the URL I need for my installation to work.

Well, in the bottom left of my Contacts app there is in fact a little "Parameters" icon, but nothing that looks even remotely like the "impeller symbol" in the documentation. And no URL is to be found.

Any suggestions ?



What now?


I'm using an URL like in Thunderbird:

Unfortunately i can't remember where i have found that URL. :confused:


Ah, i think i found it. If i'm clicking on the small "Settings" button on the contacts app my address books are shown. There is a "three dot" symbol where i can find another "Link" symbol showing me that link.


Thanks, I found it too ! It looks like the documentation is wrong about that.

Anyway, synchronisation with Thunderbird now works perfectly for Contacts and Calendar. I've written a little blog article about it.




It could be possible that the documentation just wasn't updated for the changes in newer versions of the contact app. From what i know you can contribute to the documentation at by either reporting an issue there or even submit a pull request with an updated documentation.