Contribution to owncloud

Hi everyone,

I'm Prakhar from India .I'm interested in contributing to ownCloud organization.

I would like to build browser extensions for owncloud browser integration which i found at

I would also like to apply for GSoC 2017.

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You should contact them directly haha

Please get in touch with the people at the #owncloud-dev channel on freenode. You can use an IRC chat tool or the following link for the webchat:

There seems to be now a GSoC 2017 category available at [1]. However it seems the Project ideas at the wiki [2] doesn't contain the browser extensions idea for 2017.



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Thanks for reply. I saw the list of project ideas on the given page.I need a little advice whether i should post my idea of browser extension or should i chose another project.

Because, I've started working on my idea for creating browser extension and here is the link to my first extension.

Please guide me .


@DeepDiver1975 Can you help to answer this question?

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Please submit your project idea as a new topic within the category GSoC 2017 - THX