Convert a Samba Server to Owncloud



I have a ubuntu server currently running with 6 TB raid 10. I currently manually backup all of my computers (work laptop, personal laptop, desktop, etc) via a samba network share. I would like to use owncloud to sync all of these files automatically.

I believe in researching before starting a project. I have been able to find no documentation on how I might be able to go about migrating from a samba network share to a web accessible owncloud server.

Is this a doable project or will I have to archive all of the data on the server and resync after installing owncloud.

Thanks for any help


The first time you must sync the files via the owncloud-client (server to client or the other way round) which might take some time. In contrast to network storage, you have a local copy of the files. Unless you decide to mount network storage via webdav.

Also beware that owncloud is no backup solution: