Converting or recovering LDAP backed account

I run an owncloud setup for multiple research labs at university. For account credentials, we use the university LDAP server. However, I now need to grant access to files that are in accounts that the university expired off their LDAP server. Is there a way to convert an account that originated in LDAP to a local account and/or relocate their data to an account their research advisor can access? I have no access to the LDAP servers, but I do have root on the owncloud server. There is no encryption enabled, and the server is running 8.2.7.

Has anyone had any similar experiences, or am I effectively out of luck with the data on the drives but no way to meaningfully access it?

Thank you.


if you upgrade to ownCloud 9.0 or 9.1 you can use the files:transfer-ownership occ command described in the manual [1] to move the mentioned files to a local account.

Besides that its strongly advised hat you're at least upgrading to ownCloud 8.2.10 as ownCloud 8.2.7 contains various bugs (see [2]) and vulnerabilities (see [3]).