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@Subito_Piano Sorry, but I really don’t get your idea. Could you elaborate on your use case? What is the real world problem you’re trying to improve?

Thanks for the quick response!

OK, here is the idea. I have, say, 20 GB of files on my laptop, and I want to set up an old desktop as my server (the laptop will be the client). I set up the desktop/server with OwnCloud and start syncing…fuggetaboutit! It is an overwhelming amount of data and will take forever, if I don’t lose my connection in the process.

I think, “OK, let’s copy my laptop files onto a USB stick, then plug the USB stick into the server/desktop, and copy them into the correct OwnCloud folder.” Problem solved, and quickly – or so I think. “After all,” think I, “now the same files exist on my client/laptop and my server/desktop, all in the correct folders. OwnCloud will see that everything is already in sync and will only sync new, modified, or deleted files.”

So after copying those 20 GB of files to my desktop/server, I have my server running, then boot up my laptop, then start OwnCloud on the laptop – and it tries to upload all the files from my client/laptop to the server/desktop, even though they are already there. Ugh…!

As I mentioned, years ago I saw a post from a user with the same problem, and a reply stating the correct procedure to do this type of “quick manual sync,” if you will. But I’ve not seen that post since – drat that I didn’t copy it into my notes!

Ideas appreciated.

In theory, but I’m afraid not in practice.

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Hmm…OK, thanks. I’ve “had to” use an older version. At any rate, the newest files that I need to access from two or more different computers are synced, the ones that change often. Music, old files, photos are things I can manually back up. So it’s working well enough. Thanks again.