Copy files from owncloud to owncloud

Hey there, need some help.

I have an older version of owncloud (8.xx) with content on my webserver. I wanted to update but it did not work.
So I decided to install the actual version of owncloud on a new folder, worked perfect.

How can I get my data ( only files) from the former owncloud to the new one, must I download them to my computer and upload them to the new owncloud or is there another way?

Thanks for helping!

This is the easy-to-understand method. You might want to use the desktop client to pull the files from one server and then push them to the new one.

Another way could be to set an external storage. In the new server you can set an ownCloud server as external storage, so you connect the new server to the old one. Once they're connected you can see the files from the old server in the new one, and what is more important in your case, you can move the files from the old server to the new one.
I think you can also set the connection the other way around for this purpose.

In both cases, this will partially work only for your account because I don't expect you to have access to every account in the server. In addition, note that all shares and file metadata (shares, tags, comments, etc) will be lost.