Copy Paste not working

  1. I am not able to copy paste into the spreadsheet. does it have any browser compatibility issues?
  2. how many users can edit in parallel?
  3. is OwnCloud a good tool for a company with 2500+ employees?

Hi Ramesh,

Could you let us know which version of ownCloud, Collabora and browser you are using so that we can check this out?

I would imagine the number of parallel users on one document would depend on your server configuration and setup. How many would you imagine having?

Take a look at for the commercial offerings and to see some of the large customers using ownCloud within their businesses.


Hi Tom,

1) We are using version 9.1.2. on google chrome/Edge/IE. Collabora version01.1.22 I also figured that I am able to copy text but not a table from Excel or Google Docs. Also, if I tried to highlight the cells, it is dragging the entire sheet and not sure if this is issue with owncloud or mine.

2) Typically we have about 10-12 users parallel edit the document.

3) Also and changing the UAD directory the LDAP user is not being listed. not sure if we missing anything.