Could not connect compatible server at

Expected behavior:
I want to connect windows desktop app to server

Actual behavior:
I get could not connect compatible server at ...

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I press add account
  2. Then i am entering address
  3. I am getting an TLS Certificate Error and I press Yes
  4. Then error could not connect compatible server at… occurs

Server configuration:
VMWare Workstation 17 Player installed with
Univention-App-owncloud-virtualbox.ova (downloaded 26/01/2024)

Client configuration:
Windows 11 Pro Greek

I tried this guide:
ownCloud Documentation # How to add certificates
And i get the error:
Job for apache2.service failed. See “systemctl status apache2.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details.
And i am loosing the connection with the server. But if I execute the commands:

ucr unset apache2/ssl/certificate
ucr unset apache2/ssl/key
sudo service apache2 restart

everything turns back to normal

Btw… i can connect through browser.

this is the TLS error

this is the console

You really need to ask Univention how to use their appliance. This is not an ownCloud issue.

Hey, you was in my topic with same problem
Trying to use or (i don’t remember which help me)
May be it will help you too, but i’m not sure

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oh at last!! after all this searching only to add /owncloud?? :grinning:

you are great! thanks!



i think it is great that you have found the solution that the /owncloud needs to be appended to the URL for a successful access. I think without it you will access the Univention configuration page instead.

Maybe the documentation of the ownCloud people is not that good in this case, maybe you could let them know over here:

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