Could personal users and home users use the enterprise edition?

I wanna know whether the personal users and the home users can use the features like full text search,file firewall and password policy that is only provided in the enterprise edition?Or personal users and home users can only use the enterprise edition 30-day trial.
Seafile also provides the enterprise edition,but personal users and home users can use for free.

No, you only can use the trial version. For users in education and perhaps non-profit organizations they provide some reductions.

Just for private users, you can use either a owncloud-provider which uses the enterprise version (but you don't host owncloud on your own). Nextcloud (a fork of ownCloud) rewrote some of the enterprise features (file firewall, password policy, ...) as open source apps. To make them run with ownCloud you'll probably need to backport them.

not amused in the slightest …, why would the offer not state that clearly or atleast once you decided to take it on and install the bundle - a reminder this is a demo ?
can you imagine i corrupted their files, which by now only exist on that server it’ll be memorable weekend , my daughter is back home in less than an hour … it says i got three hours left … i think it’s more like One . thank you for the bait - remove bundle is hopefully enough to get back to those code integrity alerts … gee im so spoild

I am afraid I cannot follow you in detail, but keep in mind you are posting to a 3 year old thread.
Maybe the following link is helpful for you:

With the release of the server version 10.5, ownCloud consolidates its lineup into just two handy packages. Now there are just a minimalist one with the Server and required components and a complete one containing all supported apps. This means that the availability of Enterprise features only depends on a license key, and users do not have to register for the ownCloud Marketplace.

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